Tuesday, March 24, 2009


In the past six months I have been attempting to refresh my art skills. Being in my 50th year I figured its better late than never. I'm not new in the art world though. In my early teens, having grown up in the great white north of Kapuskasing Ontario, my talent was discovered. I plan to post some of my earlier artwork for those who are interested. Anyways, having an appreciation for nature and nostalgia a budding artist was born. Meri Stewart for those who remember her, taught me many techniques. During this time I created oil paintings, mostly on commision. I'm sure there are several people up in Kapuskasing enjoying my artwork today. In later years I married, started a family and responsibility put my artwork at a pause. Having the many characteristics of an artist I haven't been able to stay away and in my dreams I have created, only now it is no longer another fantasy. I am now again creating, watercolor and acrylic have become my newest medium, I am so pleased with myself. I want to share my accomplishments with you. I would also like to share through my re-newed experience, all my connections and we can enjoy artistic creation together into the future.