Tuesday, May 13, 2014


This Friday May 16,  This painting will be showing among several others from Artist of Oxford Group  www.artistsofoxford.wordpress.com    at The Woodstock Art Gallery.  For more information go to the website  www.woodstockartgallery.ca  

by Deb Riopelle
12 x 16
watercolor on canvas

 My intent is to show that even in a small ecosystem there is wonderfull grandeur of creation making it majestic.  I chose to  paint this image to describe a phase of life into an aquatic kingdom .  The phase completes an entire circle.  Beginning with the the sunlight peering through the image creating photosynthesis for the plantlife.  Also, there is a bodily image as the head and arm shadowing over the surface to give a sense of higher power and creation. Then the tadpoles are feeding on the vegetation for nourishment. In the painting some tadpoles are swimming in a school and others are growing legs and their heads are beginning to develop.  At the end of the lifecycle a mature frog has developed.  Enjoy...